Wednesday, 2 December 2009

2nd December 2009 - Woodcocks and Recoveries

After a pretty dismal day I thought that I would take a little stroll around the fields near my house to look for potential Woodcock, but at present all I could find was a huge number of Rabbit and a couple of foxes! I will have to try again another night.

But, today we also got a couple of really interesting recoveries back which were as follows:

GOLDC CPN577 was ringed as a 2M on 13/10/08 at the reserve in Capel and was controlled (caught by another ringer) 356 days later as a 4M on 04/10/09 in Doncaster (South Yorkshire) which is 270km away! This is a great record for a Goldcrest and could possibly be a Scandinavian bird that has migrated over to Britain to winter on two consecutive years.

BAROW GN58867 was ringed as a 1 (chick in a nest) on 20/06/05 in Capel and unfortunately was found dead 1348 days later as a 4F on 27/02/09 in Northamptonshire which is 117km away! This is also a great record for a Barn Owl making a big movement like this.

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