Monday, 14 December 2009

14th December 2009 - Chesworth and Southwater

Stuart and myself spent the morning ringing at Chesworth Farm and after our last visit were expecting a big catch, but the finches weren't as evident, but a sizeable haul was achieved with 71 new birds. A lot of tits, but the highlight was a new Great Spotted Woodpecker (above) and three Reed Bunting (below).
In the afternoon at Southwater CP Jacob managed to find another ringed Black-headed Gull (below - we are getting better with the telescope and camera!), this time with a red colour ring (code=R.3) which looks like it has come from The Netherlands. Will he ever find one ringed in Britain is is he going for a bird from every European country!!
As well as this the pair of Mute Swan flew in from The Quarry, the female of which we ringed a couple of months ago, but the male has evaded us. As soon as they landed on the main lake the resident family took to chasing them up and down until they had pushed them out onto the bank at which stage Stuart managed to expertly catch and ring the male (the male sporting its new ring below).
Birds ringed:
Reed Bunting - 3
Chaffinch - 4
Blue Tit - 38
Great Tit - 10
Goldfinch - 4
Redpoll - 4
Dunnock - 1
Greenfinch - 6
Great Spotted Woodpecker - 1
Mute Swan - 1

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