Friday, 5 February 2010

5th February 2010 - Another Attempt at Leechpool and Recoveries

Not to be put off by the poor result from the last time I ringed at Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods, I went back today and managed to catch seven new birds. Not much, but with one of them being another Firecrest (below) it was very successful.
Also, a Coal Tit that had a slightly deformed bill (below).
Birds ringed:
Blue Tit - 2
Coal Tit - 2
Great Tit - 2
Firecrest - 1

We have also had a series of recoveries back as follows:

Willow Warbler CHL511 was caught at the Capel reserve on 26th Jul 2009 and was ringed at Stanwell Moor, Surrey 37km away as a breeding female 25 days prior on 1st July.
Greenfinch TP20552 was ringed in my Warnham garden on 6th Jun 2009 as an immature female and was killed by a cat 12km away in Billingshurst on 5th Dec 2009.
Greenfinch TK95890 was caught in my Warnham garden on 29th Jul 2009 as a breeding female and was ringed 18km away at Chilworth, Surrey on 9th Jan 2008.
Lesser Redpoll X082391 was caught as an adult male at the Capel reserve on 17th Nov 2009 and was ringed 251km away at Ramsley Reservoir, Derbyshire as an immature male on 20th Sep 2008 (above).
Reed Bunting X755438 was caught at Southwater CP on 21st Nov 2009 and was ringed 74km away at Icklesham, Sussex on 25th Sep 2009 (below).
Reed Bunting X144901 was caught at Chesworth Farm on 9th Nov 2009 and was ringed 72km away at Icklesham, Sussex on 14th Jul 2009 (above).
Herring Gull A6CZ was seen at Warnham LNR on 16th Jan 2010 and was ringed as one of three nestlings which bred on the roof of the RSPCA Mallydams Wildlife Unit, Fairlight, Sussex on 25th Jul 2009. Interestingly, the adult male of this family who has been on the centre roof for three years was ringed as a juvenile here in 2000.

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