Wednesday, 24 February 2010

24th February 2010 - A Brief Afternoon

I woke to the driving rain this morning and thought that I wouldn't be able to ring at home today, but by midday the rain had gone and sunny spells prevailed. So I put up a net and caught 25 new birds of seven species until 4pm when rain was threatening so I took down just in time to see the heavens open again!

Highlights included yet another Blackbird, this time an adult male, yet another Coal Tit, also an adult, and a 1st year Song Thrush. But, I also checked out the nest boxes today and inside an open fronted box on the back of the house I found a casualty of the recent cold weather. This came in the form of a dead Great Tit which had obviously been using this as a roosting place looking at the amount of droppings with it. It had originally been ringed in the garden as a 3J (juvenile) on 19th June 2009, now identifiable as a male, so hadn't even lived for a year!

Birds ringed:
Blue Tit - 17
Great Tit - 3
Chaffinch - 1
Coal Tit - 1
Greenfinch - 1
Blackbird - 1
Song Thrush - 1

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