Saturday, 27 February 2010

27th February 2010 - A Few More Recoeries

We got a few more recoveries back today which are all quite interesting for different reasons as follows:

Ringed 11/08/2009 - Warnham LNR - 3 (immature)
Found shot 19/11/2009 - Warnham, Sussex
3km in 100 days

This is our first Mallard recovery, just unfortunate that it was so close and so soon!

Ringed 31/07/2009 - Leechpool & Owlbeech Woods - 3 (immature)
Taken by cat 15/12/2009 - Meonstoke, Hampshire
61km in 137 days

Amazing that of only six Wrens ringed at this site ever one should turn up going a really big distance for this species (below).
Ringed 20/09/2009 - Capel Reserve - 3 (immature)
Controlled 25/09/2009 - Arreton, Isle of Wight - 2M (unaged male)
83km in 5 days

Obviously on migration this bird probably was using the Capel Reserve as a refuelling stop before moving to the Isle of Wight for another food stop probably before crossing the Channel.

Ringed 28/06/2009 - Capel Reserve - 3J (juvenile)
Controlled 29/09/2009 - Brabant, BELGIUM - 2 (unaged)
310km in 93 days

This bird having been born at the Capel Reserve had crossed the Channel and into Belgium just four days later. This is the first Chiffchaff ringed by us recorded in Belgium (below).
SISKIN - X317273
Ringed 31/10/2008 - Capel Reserve - 3M (immature male)
Controlled 10/04/2009 - Menston, West Yorkshire - 5M (immature male)
319km in 161 days

This would seem to be a Scandinavian or northern England born bird caught as it came south on autumn migration and then caught on spring migration as it went back (below).

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