Friday, 8 January 2010

8th January 2010 - Ring Reading

A bit of ring searching at Warnham LNR today produced an interesting collection of ringed birds on the frozen Millpond including the continuing presence of Greylag Goose '13L', an adult male Mallard with a metal ring on its left leg which was only part read and a range of Herring, Common and Black-headed Gull with metal rings that were just too far away. There was also a Lesser Black-backed Gull that had a metal ring above the knee on the left leg and a small black ring at the foot of its right leg, which annoyingly I have been informed 'it must have lost a ring or three' so unfortunately is untraceable without the metal ring number!
But out of this Wes, Stuart and I did manage to find and read two colour-ringed adult Herring Gulls which interestingly have both been seen here before. The first was orange '013' on dark blue ring (above) talked about on a previous post and the other was green '1980' on orange ring which was ringed and resighted as follows:
Originally ringed on 30/11/07 at Seamer Carr Landfill,Scarborough, North Yorkshire as an adult, then reseen here on 25/02/08, 19/07/08, 11/12/2008 and 11/12/08 before being seen on 30/12/08 at Beddington SF, London then first seen at Warnham LNR on 03/02/09.
Also, got info back on one of the ringed Black-headed Gull (above) that Jake found at Southwater CP from 1st to 17th Dec 2009 which was originally ringed as a nestling at Baltrum - Ostdorf, GERMANY on 22nd June 2009 (map below).

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