Thursday, 14 January 2010

14th January 2010 - Another Duck

On a very rare occasion, Wes and I went ringing together today. After the Coot and Moorhen success at Coot Pond we attempted the same at Southwater CP with as many as 40 Tufted Duck, 20 Coot and 20 Moorhen, surely this would be a good catching site. Unfortunately, after 20 minutes and a few scoops of seed no such luck. They obviously get fed very well here!

So, we went back to Coot Pond to try our luck. Immediately we were surrounded by Mallards of various genetic origins, but our focus were the Moorhen and Coots all of which were far more wary than the other day. But then the single Tufted Duck that was present suddenly appeared at my feet and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity. As I grabbed it the rest of the birds scattered and this was going to be the only bird we caught, but only the third Tufted Duck to be ringed at the sites. As I ringed the two juveniles we caught last year I let Wes ring this one (below).

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