Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13th January 2010 - More Blackbirds

Another day at home and woke up to a new layer of deep snow! In contrast to last Wednesday there were very few winter thrushes with just 2 Fieldfare and about 20 Redwing seen, whereas Blackbirds were everywhere with at least 30 in and around the garden squabbling for optimum position under the feeders! An unsual sighting near to dusk was a Skylark that flew over calling (haven't seen one round here in a couple of months).

Obviously, I did a bit of ringing and put up the 30ft in the wood edge to the garden and managed to catch 14 new birds unsurprisingly dominated by Blackbirds.
Birds ringed:
Great Tit - 3
Chaffinch - 2
Blue Tit - 3
Blackbird - 6

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