Wednesday, 25 November 2009

24th and 25th November 2009 - Goose Catching

Yesterday we made a quick visit to Coot Pond where a number of geese were getting used to being fed by the local people and myself, Jacob and John fancied our chances at catching one. Within 5 seconds of getting out of the car we were rushed by the geese wanting the bread and I instantly caught a Greylag Goose, which sent the others away almost as quickly as they came.

Today we thought we would have another go and also joined by Stuart they wee much more wary keeping just far enough away, but with determination I managed to catch a Canada Goose.

I was very excited by this as they were both ringing ticks for me and took a bit of a joint effort to age, sex and do the biometrics. The Greylag was able to be sexed of bill length, while the Canada was right in the intermediate area for both sexes. We were all surprised at how small they look in the hand and how beautiful the plumage is close-up.

Greylag Goose
4F(Adult female)
Wing - 445
Bill - 62.5

Canada Goose
3(1st year)
Wing - 480
Bill - 52.0

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