Friday, 13 November 2009

12th November 2009 - Roost Ringing

Since early October we have been trying to catch some of the Pied Wagtails that have been going into roost in the reedbed at Southwater CP just using one 60ft net. This has been fairly successful with nearly 30 ringed here so far, but also a couple of White Wagtails which have been hard to determine even with the great write up by Iain Livingstone (very useful). Plus two weeks ago we caught a control Reed Bunting here (first of this species ever caught here)!

This evening wasn't the best with rain threatening and a bit too much wind but we did manage to catch before the weather moved in and also found a group of 30+ Linnets going into roost in a small scrub patch and c100 Starling roosting in another section of reedbed (food for thought on another occasion)!

Birds Ringed:

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