Monday, 17 January 2011

16th January 2011 - One Bird Week

After a brilliant two hour session on Leith Hill on 31st December in which I caught 38 Redpoll and 14 Goldcrest in one net, including a control of both species (details hopefully to come soon), I felt that it was worth a second go.  So on Monday 10th I spent another two hours there, but with dire return, to be honest just one Goldcrest!  Oh well, that's ringing!

A visit was also made to Coot Pond, but with the huge amount of water elsewhere at the moment there were only a couple of Mallard present and they weren't interested in the bread I had!  The rain and high winds then continued to the end of the week preventing any more netting opportunity, but next week is looking better.

Birds ringed:
Goldcrest - 1

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