Tuesday, 20 April 2010

21st April 2010 - Woodies

Jake has been keeping track of about 10 different Woodpigeon nests at Southwater CP over the last month and all bar one has been predated and today that one with two chicks was ready for ringing and should be old enough that they don't get predated (chicks above).
Also, an update on the 'crab claw' from the Grey Heron pellet, which has turned out to be from a Signal Crayfish. That horrible introduced one that has been wrecking river banks and is endangering the native Crayfish! Apparently there are populations in nearby Crawley and into Surrey. They have never been recorded at Warnham LNR before, but sounds like a survey could be called for! Also from yesterday at Chesworth Farm, an extra Whitethroat photo (above) and the left wing of one of the Starling that had a very obvious white feather (below) taken by Louise.
Birds ringed:
Woodpigeon - 2 nestlings

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